The Pursuit Of Happiness Rhetorical Devices

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Throughout this essay I will be focusing my revision on writing a stronger thesis, organizing my paragraphs through my main focal points instead of scene by scene, and changing all first person pronouns to third person. Pursuit of Happiness Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness is one of his biggest claims to fame. When it was released in 2010 the song blew up in the music world. It was playing on every radio station, everyone had it on their iPods, DJ’s were making mash-ups of it, and it was even featured on a movie Project X. What makes this song so popular is the relation it has to people in this generation. Throughout the song he raps about the journey everyone takes to find fulfillment and joy, two common traits people aspire to have in their…show more content…
It also gives off the impression that he’s trying to say that just because he looks happy doesn’t mean that he actually is. He’s playing the part of being happy thinking one day he will eventually achieve true happiness. This could also allude to the idea of “fake friends” at this partying celebrating with him and having a good time, but at the end of the music video he finds himself alone with no one to help him in his drunken state. Another lyric Kid Cudi uses is “tell me what you know about night terrors, every night. Five AM cold sweats waking up to the sky”. This lyric tells the listener that he isn’t truly happy because he is having nightmares. He doesn’t think anyone knows what he’s going through and that they can’t relate to the struggles he has experienced; not only the struggle he has with nightmares but also throughout his life following the death of his father. He explains in an interview that after his father died when he was eleven he actually slept with his mother until he was twelve due to the nightmares he still experiences to this day (Kid Cudi, by Complex Magazine). This interview gives the listener more of an insight to the internal struggle Kid Cudi is facing throughout the song. It allows the listener to better understand and empathise with the true meaning of not only this song but a common theme that is portrayed throughout his music. The full name of the song is the Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) to further continue the theme of “night terrors”. This isn’t the first time nightmares has been rapped about in Kid Cudi’s music. He also raps about having nightmares in his songs “Alive” and “Day ‘N’ Nite”. In both of these songs his lyrics allude to his nightmares. In alive, he talks
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