How Did Tennessee Williams Impact Society

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Final Project Delgy Garcia ASA College Alice C. Morse impacted the Women’s Art Community during the time that she lived in, especially at a time when women were not quite seen as equal or able to do the things men could. She inspired women to express themselves even when things did not exactly go their way. Tennessee Williams on the other hand simply gave his audience great plays that signified his life and the many influences he received. Because of this both, Alice and Tennessee had their individual impacts on society, making them very recognized and known. Alice C. Morse, had many different artistic creations in her life time, a lot of those creations included book covers that she made for different publishers. The process was quite simple; first she would create a total of three different designs for the cover. She’ll allow the author to choose the design they like best. Afterwards, Alice would begin to color her work depending on her…show more content…
The process of making a play is rather long; Tennessee had to have an inspiration, he then had to write up the play, have an editor edit the play and he had to rewrite the play. This process takes over a month which makes it long. Some of his most notable pieces of work are “The Glass Menagerie”, “A Street Car Named Desire”, and “Cat on A Hot Tin Roof.” He was one of the few people to get plays on Broadway, to than later have his plays turned to movies. A lot of Tennessee’s plays where influenced by his environment and his family life. For example, Amanda Wingfield was inspired by his mother in the play “The Glass Menagerie.” His father in the other hand gave him the idea to create Big Daddy in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” His father was never quite there for him as a child as he chose work over him. The relationship between the married couple deeply impacted Williams and fueled his ideas for his

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