Streetcar Named Desire Changes

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In the play A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, Stella changes significantly through the course of the play. Her general realization of what she is and what she is from influences her character more and more through the progression of the play. As she realizes who she is she begins to see Stanley differently. Her different background becomes more and more prevalent as the play progresses. Because of the huge difference in her and Stanley’s backgrounds as she draws more to her past with Blanche, Stanley feels more and more threatened and shows his true self even more. In the play A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, Stella undergoes changes that draw her back into her old life and values and shakes her relationship with Stanley and her new life. In the beginning of the play Stella and Stanley seem to have a relationship that they are both happy with. Stella is submissive…show more content…
Blanche reminds her of her old life and her old values. She begins to treat Stan differently. She begins to call him what Blanche calls him and begins to draw attention to his commonness. She also defends Blanche, and her actions, but she is actually defending her old way of life. This shows Blanches effect on Stella. Stella is reminded by Blanche of the differences that exist between her and Stan. After Stella has been exposed to Blanche for a time her change can be seen more and more. Instead of defending her old life she starts defending her new life. She starts showing her affections for Stan openly in front of Blanche, but gently pulls away from Stan when no one else is there. She is ashamed of her way of life in front of Blanche and begins to think of what she and Blanche used to be like before she left. She reprimands Stanley for his rough treatment of Blanche. This is obviously new behavior for her because Stan immediately tries to stop it and lashes out ferociously against
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