Examples Of Fallacious Ad Hominem Argument

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Ad Hominem argument is defined as when a person or group is attacked by a person or a particular group of people. There are two different types of ad hominid arguments fallacious ad hominem arguments and legitimate ad hominem arguments. fallacious ad hominem arguments can be also referred as the red herring fallacies. Fallacious ad hominem argument is defined as an argument that has nothing to do with the relevance of the topic. It is the reason for the argument or when a person uses this argument to delay with the real reason of the argument. Fallacious ad hominem arguments are distraction to refrain, from the real reason of the argument. The distraction from the argument in order to resolve the problem or topic also considered fallacious ad hominem argument. An example is a student who received a study guide for the final and still fails the final. So the student says the reason he/she failed the test because the study guide was not the same as the final demands to take final again. Another argument is ad hominem argument called legitimate ad hominem argument.…show more content…
This means the argument has nothing to do with the topic. These are not argument it is usually a testimony. Argument is a discussion from two people’s debate and it can show discrimination. A testimony is a evidence base of fact or support that has a proof determined about an individual. Testimony can be studied or a however, argument is an opinion of the individual. An example is Linda is a retail manager at Call it Spring but she is antisocial and has a bad attitude. These can be confusing but one must know the

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