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Critically assess the view that the media was responsible for the loss of the war in Vietnam. The Vietnam War was a war of the Cold War period that lasted from 1955 to 1975. It involved the communist North Vietnamese supported by the Soviet Union and China primarily and the South Vietnamese, predominantly supported by the US. Guerrilla warfare was a main facet of the war that the Viet Cong fought by but the North Vietnamese People’s army fought a more conventional war against anti-communist forces in the region. It is a well-known fact that the US lost the Vietnam War but it has been debated what the factors were and more importantly the foremost factor for the loss of the war. The media’s influence on the war and the US’s eventual defeat has…show more content…
The media through television broadcasting, radio and newspapers played a significant role in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the first war to have full media coverage of the frontline events and so US citizens witnessed proceedings first hand. However it is appropriate to note that in the early years of the war the US media were not really attentive to the events in Vietnam. The media was only really concerned with the rise of communism due to the current Cold War agenda and this was what American citizens and policymakers alike were preoccupied with. However in the 1960’s as tensions grew in Vietnam, the number of press in South Vietnam rose and as such the broadcasting of warfare in Vietnam grew. A quote from ‘An American ordeal: The anti-war movement of the Vietnam era’ reiterates that warfare was being viewed by Americans back home, ‘By the end of the year, 1350 Americans had been killed in action. Not only did US casualties become significant, but the warfare was viewed directly through television.’ This quote also implies that as the number of Americans dying in the Vietnam War grew the events were being publicized to the public more frequently on TV. This is an example of the idea that Americans were not faring well in Vietnam and suggests a link between the

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