Summary Of Globalization The Challenge To America By Alvin Toffler

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Alvin Toffler, an American author and futurists, claims that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” Toffler’s quote values the population of the 21st century having the ability to do basic standards but is incapable of reaching beyond its bare minimum. He cautions Americans who may be less focused on clearly comprehending and adapting to the evolving society. Toffler argues that the Americans who will lead the next generation are the individuals who are reluctant to gain knowledge and build better understanding. The population of the 21st century in America needs to become accustomed to this advanced society, discard the selfish mentality and relearn…show more content…
The intellectual bars had been raised now that technology has evolved throughout the years. Now that the advancement in technology and methods had developed, we as humans must learn to adapt with the new era. The media helped in the communication change because of this new advancement we are able to connect to other regions around the world. According to the article, “Globalization: the Challenge to America,” the internet that became widely available catalyzed the developments of other nations. Students in other countries, such as China and India, are motivated to focus on all the advancements in technology striving for a better life. They are willing to put all the effort in for a lesser value. That leads to the basic standards changing and the competition reaching to a whole new level. In the article, it states that China’s mentality of the world is changing and becoming more of a competitor against America. China wants the next generation lead into “dreamed up in China” instead of the regular “made in China.” So Americans need to rethink about its idea in the economy and that the competition against other nations is progressing while the technology and education system are developing. In contrast, American students are more…show more content…
Americans mentality of competing with one another always leads to being in denial in many areas. For instance, the American government is in denial of the climate crisis currently happening. In the article, “Source A: Conservatives Mobilized Effectively to Deny Climate Change,” the government is denying the seriousness of climate change to “fend off large scale governmental intervention in the economy.” Politicians and manufacturers are in the lead of this crisis because the fossil fuels they burn to run the vehicles and industries for our society release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causes atrocious change of the environment. They are in denial of the climate change because of the profits they receive from corporations. The government is prioritizing the financial gain over the health of the citizens. Politicians must rethink their financial policies and priorities for the environment. More to the video, “This is Our Home,” states that we need to start taking action to better the community and nature we live in. It is time that we must end the blame on each other, waiting until tomorrow to take action and stop being in denial that these changes are impossible. Instead we can take each opportunity and work new solutions as a whole to live in a healthier and safer world. In contrast, we had taken some action on making these changes. For instance, the new sources of energy that

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