The Expansion Of Technology In The 21st Century

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The world of teaching has never been an easy endeavor. Passing on knowledge to the next generation of leaners necessitates a great deal from the teachers themselves. Mastery of the subject is just one aspect of teaching and not the only requirement. The method of “delivery” is also very crucial. A teacher who cannot properly deliver his knowledge is unfit to even be in the profession. Hence, methods of teaching vary from place to place and so has the evolution of such methods The 21st Century saw the expansion of technology as we know it. While it is true that machines used to aid mankind in their daily lives were already present back in the 20th century, the refinement of technology brought about during the early 2000’s marked a new era for electronics and other digital media. Prior to the boom of…show more content…
This was mostly done orally; with students having to listen and memorize the instructor’s lessons as he spoke. It was not until 1870 that the first glimpse of technology being used in classrooms was observed. In a study by Purdue University (2018), educational institutions made use of the Magic Lantern, a primitive version of a slide projector that projected images printed on glass plates. The chalk-and-board method debuted around 1890 while the ever-important pencil came around in 1900. It was clear that students were hungry for more advanced educational tools as it would take close to 50 or so years before other media such as videotapes and calculators were brought onto the scene. It would only make sense to upgrade available teaching methods and materials

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