Privatization High School Sports

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bstract Privatization for High School sports is becoming a trend not only for American high schools, but global countries are adapting to this new change. I explain throughout this paper my reasons for privatization in high school sports; the good, bad and the ugly results that can come out of this costly change to some unfortunate athletes. While researching various websites, acquiring information for this paper, I notice that a lot of cities and states share this same problem as the current city I live in: rather or not to privatize high school sports. I graduated almost 20 years ago and I do not recall any chatter about high school sports privatizing. So this was very surprising to my fellow classmates and me; we never considered…show more content…
The government could allocate the money they spend towards high school sports programs and increase teacher’s pay, so they could hire more qualified teachers. The government could also apply funds towards new technology equipment for students. In high school unlike the little league, every student is not guaranteed a spot on the team or assured playing time if he or she makes the team. So, only a small percentage of students share the benefits of high school sports, but athletes and non-athletes will benefit from great teachers and better technology equipment. Better technology and education, improve a community as a…show more content…
This could hurt a lot of student athlete’s chances of gaining collegiate scholarships if they were involved in a league where the fraudulent behavior was being exhibited. Not to mention, the schools that are in partnership with these private companies, could damage their academic reputations. Private league athletes usually have to pay a fee to participate in private sports leagues, which could become a negative for underprivileged athletes who would not be able to afford the costs. Privitizatizing high school sports may raise large barriers that could hurt many young athletes and cause long –term loss for the competitors whose families are not able to carry the costs of membership sports outside of the public school system. High School sports play a significant part in developing students to become more self-confident, self –respected: they also, help them to develop their leadership skills, which will be at risk if there are no cost

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