Technology Impact On Human Environment

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THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN HEALTH Technological advances have become so helpful to our lives, and every year new technologies appear to help us to live more comfortable by allowing us to do more with less effort. That’s why expressions such as “I would die without internet” or “I could not live without my cell phone” are heard more frequently. They imply that life would be hard to live with the lack of new technologies, however, it becomes ironic because life is already at risk due to technology. Making technological advances and preserving the environment and human health will not be possible because the pollution resulting of the waste output, the depletion of natural resources and the global warming…show more content…
Cell phones contains materials which are mined from the earth. These include aluminum, nickel, cobalt, zinc, cadmium, copper, lithium, metallic oxide and others carbon-based materials. For example, to sustain the demand of cell phones and computers, companies such as Apple or Samsung, have to exploit natural resources like aluminum that took a billion years to return back. What is more, United Nations have calculated that producing the average computer requires 1.500 liters of water and the car requires 148.000 liters of water too (Soltan, 2016). Therefore, the more is the demand for new technologies, the more pressure is for using or extracting the natural…show more content…
In The United States 68 % of electricity used is generated by fossil fuels and 4.054 billion Kilowatt hours are being used per year (Urban,2014) so unless the use of it is not reduced, the earth will continue to heat. This increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface is affecting the environment and the human health. According to the report of The North Carolina State University, carbon dioxide can increase the growth of plants and they may become less nutritious. Moreover, it can change the natural environment of certain insects, mammals and all the human life. As the American Medical Association reports that mosquito diseases like malaria and dengue fever have increased because they are appearing in places it hasn’t been seen before. And this is because according to National Geographic, the heat is not only melting glacier ice, but also changing the precipitation patterns and the setting of animals. Rainfalls have increased around the world so oceans will be one to four feet higher and threatening low areas. If warming continues less fresh water will be available and polar bears as other animals will disappear. Thus, the more technology is used, the worse are the changing on the

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