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Having Team Based Care In The Hospital Tamala L. Tibbs Texas Tech Health Science Center Team Based Care is a way that an organization facilitates the way that a patient is taken care of . This type of care doesn't just rely on the care from the physician but the care of a team of health care professionals that are put together to help aid in the care of the patient alongside the physician. Team based care started long before health care reform and was etched deeply into the Affordable Care Act and the Accountable Care Organizations ( CFAH ) .This system works with the health care professionals and the patient to better serve the needs of the patient. More and more are we getting away with the old system fragmented care and…show more content…
There are many different components when seeking healthcare in the hospital setting. You have physicians, nurses, respiratory therapist, and a host of many other healthcare professionals to aid in the patients care. My clinical patient is a 75 year old female who has congestive heart failure and diabetes. She has some trouble walking at times so she uses a walker to get around. She has come into the hospital today because she has been ill and having frequent memory loss. This particular hospital that the patient has arrived at demonstrates a team based approach of care. For this patient she will need laboratory test, x-rays, medications and will be followed by a Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, and a Neurologist for the recent memory loss. Before coming to the hospital the patient has meals and medication filled by a caregiver that comes for a couple hours a day to help aid in care because the patient can no longer get around like she use to. This particular day the caregiver noticed that the patient looked ill and this is how she ended up in the hospital ER. Upon arrival it was stated that the…show more content…
Some of the qualities would be to include the line staff in decision making, good communication and information sharing. Results showed that involving management into these scenarios in the hospital work environment would provide a more supportive work environment and had higher rates of patient satisfaction and lower adverse patient events ( CFAH ). So how do we pay for this? Some of the major drives of health care cost are inappropriate use of medical technology, not enough patient involvement in making important decisions, and payment systems ( ACP ). When making adjustments to cost it would provide opportunities for patients to live better and healthier lives. In the event that I was the organization leader a team based approach is the way to go. If you really look at it today this has become more and more familiar in any healthcare setting. Doctor’s are a huge part of this structure but aren't the only driving force. The saying, “It takes a village” comes to mind when I think of team based healthcare. Teamwork in the hospital between a doctor and the staff that is behind them is important to better coordinate care of the patient to get the best possible healthcare that there is ( AMA

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