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Differences But Yet Similarities Between Two Different Cultures Becoming friends with an individual with a different culture background can be very hard to adapt to. In the novel, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, Kent Nerburn and Dan have different outlooks on life and have their own opinions. When trying to argue what is right from wrong, neither will settle for another answer than their own. All cultures differ from one another, whether there are a lot of differences or very little to almost none. The Native American life verses the American life have many differences but yet there are still some similarities between both cultures. In analysis, these cultures differ with verbal and nonverbal communication, high and low context, and stereotyping within…show more content…
This leads to similar perceptions, experiences, and societal expectations, which produces well defined social protocols. Because high-context cultures are usually quiet traditional, they change little over time and produce consistent responses to the social environment (pg. 201). This is exactly the tradition of Dan’s culture, they don’t need to speak to get their point across. Although when Dan gets on a role telling facts and stories about the Native American culture, he switches to low context communication. He will tell it how it is and the way he thinks. He stories along with his words can be quite explicit at…show more content…
13). This is something that makes Dan very angry with the Americans. This is a factor why he has so much dislike towards the Americans. If schools made the Native Americans look like the individuals they actually are, Dan would have less of a problem with the Americans. Kent and Dan both stereotype each culture but in many different ways than one another. Kent and Dan come from two different cultures that have some of the same similarities. Both cultures use non-verbal and verbal communication in different ways. One culture uses verbal more than non-verbal and vice versa. With that being said, that leads to high and low context. Dan comes from a more high context culture while Kent comes from a more low context culture but those contexts can be flipped around in some situations within each culture. Stereotyping happens in both cultures and defines what each culture is like around them. Kent and Dan have very two different backgrounds but managed to get over the differences and get along on the journey. Could you get along with an individual that has many different beliefs than

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