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Wag the Dog review relating to constructivism. Constructivism is a theory and aspect of psychology that seeks to explain how the public gets to learn and get knowledge on a specific subject or a specific occurrence. From this theory of constructivism, individuals get to come up with meanings towards a specific subject from their life experiences (University of Sydney). It can take many forms but the most rampant form of constructivism is social construction. Social construction majorly entails how one’s knowledge about a subject has been influenced by the how another person understands the same subject (University of Sydney). Social construction is the influential type of knowledge and reasoning. The movie Wag the Dog is a perfect example and case study that can be used to enlighten on the idea of constructivism. A lot of scenes from the movie have come out strongly to bring out the idea of constructivism – the second scene more profoundly. It is therefore the purpose of this paper to analyze a few scenes in the movie, Wag the Dog to bring out how it…show more content…
This is because this is where the fake war scene is shot that is meant to lure the public into believing that indeed a war exists (Wag the Dog). This is the second scene after Conrad and Winfred met with the incumbent president to explain the situation that he was in. Miller explains that it is in this scene that both Conrad and Winfred get to concisely explain to the producer (Stanley) the situation at hand (Wag the Dog). The war strategy grows and gains stability in this scene and everything is well planned out showing the extent which the media is willing to go to construct false truths. This is the core scene in the entire movie as everything revolves around the fake illusionary war. As miller puts it, the perpetrators of this strategy simply don’t have the interest of the people at heart, not the least

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