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The child I chose for this project, Brooke, is a family friend of mine who is in fourth grader and is nine years old. In part one of form A pretest, the student maintained 100% accuracy in word recognition from preprimer through second grade, 95% in third through fourth grade, 85% in fifth grade, and 75% in sixth grade, thus completing the first part of the CRI due to frustration. This indicated that Brooke is able to decode words when not in the context of a story. For part two of form A pretest, I used my own intuition and started Brooke out at level four instead of the last place she had 100%. The words she missed in level three and four were not significant enough miscues to start her at level two for the graded paragraphs and the miscues were due to word structure. Brooke remained independent in significant word errors and comprehension starting with level four through five. Once she hit level six, the student reached instructional in significant word errors and frustration in comprehension, therefore finishing part two. I think the student did well with comprehension in the first…show more content…
I started her at level four because page 119 of the textbook suggested starting students out at their current grade level (Wheelock & Campbell, 2011). Brooke never reached inadequate comprehension or frustration in reading level, thus she read all the way through level eight. In terms of the questions after her readings, Brooke scored 10 out of 15 for prediction, characters, and problems. For outcome/solution, she scored 12.5 out of 15. Overall, the student appeared to do well on comprehension. While the numbers do not necessarily show it, Brooke was not keen on using her background knowledge for predicting. I had to prompt her in that category as she was reluctant to answer if she did not know. She seemed to recall information best on level 5, which she said was an enjoyable story for
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