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Paragraph writing is an art, which makes people feel happy over a period of time, if it is done effectively, they get satisfaction that they have conveyed whatever they wanted to share with the others. A paragraph is a number of sentences grouped together and relating to one topic or a group of sentences relating to a single idea. In other words , it is a group of sentences , all of which focus on a single subject. This is the smallest unit of prose composition. Letters , short stories, essays , chapters in any book, etc are divided into paragraphs on this basis. It has become a very distinctive unit in all prose writings, always marked by an indentation. Paragraph – if it is good will give a clear idea about any topic ofcourse with suitable examples , illustrations and elaborations. By arranging all the words in a particular way we can control the meaning of a sentence. In the same way , by sequencing the sentences in a particular order we organize a paragraph on one main idea. The sequencing of words results in a complete change in the meaning. Likewise the arrangement of sentences decides the meaning of any paragraph. The present paper aims at discussing how paragraph writing can be made effective and successful, so that it is able to convey the readers whatever the writers wish to inform.…show more content…
Sometimes it may be as long as a page or sometimes as short as one sentence or two, for the development of the particular point it deals with. It is always better to avoid both the extremes. The restriction can be made to minimum ten sentences, maximum twelve , in any paragraph so that the readers are able to catch the key concept. If it is very lengthy it may not drive the point

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