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The College Football Targeting Rule The college football targeting rule is a big deal. The targeting rule is important because it keeps people from getting hurt. The rule is talked about all across football by almost every fan, player, and coach. The rule is also controversial because a lot of people want to eliminate it, and a lot of people want to keep it. People take their stance on what they want done with the rule, and they stick with it because there isn't an absolute right or wrong. Whether or not the targeting rule is eliminated is based on people's opinions, and some statistics from games where players have been penalized for the rule. Even though the college football targeting rule causes a lot of controversy, it shouldn't be eliminated because it saves a lot of players from…show more content…
The parents of youth football players are taking their kids out of it, "no youth participation in 19 years equals no college football or NFL in 25-30 years"(Staples). If it wasn't for the rule there might not be any college football players in the next few years. So if changes aren't made then the parents are just going to continue to take the kids out of the sport. It's really sad for there to be this much going on over a rule that was put into the game to help players who get injured from head-to-head contact. Exactly what is the targeting rule? "The targeting rule is as follows: No player shall target and initiate contact vs. opponent with the crown of his helmet"(Pereira). See, the rule is pretty simple. The rule is just made into so much of a bigger topic than what it is when people get to arguing over if it should be eliminated or not. It does not seem like it would be that hard for players just to not make head-to-head contact. But accidents happen sometimes and, with the way things are going, over the next few years we should see changes in many of the rules, and some of the way the game of college football is

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