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Within the play Taming of the Shrew, Katharina Minola is the antithesis to the sixteenth century Italian society’s idealistic young, upper class woman. To begin, Katharina’s ill-tempered manner and harsh attitude become immediately evident. Whispers echo throughout the streets of Padua and travel like wildfire, establishing Kate’s reputation as a shrew. Everyone hears her incessant yelling and harsh insults, which are thrown at those who provoke her. Within the Minola household, one can often hear furniture splintering and valuables shattering, the soundtrack to Katharina’s fury. Katharina is like a calamitous tornado, ravaging anything that crosses her path. Her tongue is as sharp as a knife, ready to slice through unsuspecting individuals. Her overwhelming presence inspires dread and fear among others. With a pale complexion and befitting dark hair, Katharina’s attractive appearance deceitfully masks her irritable personality. Additionally, Kate is…show more content…
The incongruities between her behavior and expectations of society originate with her jealousy of Bianca. Bianca is the superficially demure, sweet, and beautiful sister of Katharina. Bianca earns blatant favoritism from their father, Baptista, and male suitors. Within Taming of the Shrew, many characters neglect to acknowledge that Katharina has feelings. Even Baptista often insinuates that Katharina is misbehaved without considering the implications of such comments. Because of her intelligence and observant nature, Katharina deciphers her father’s suggestions. Kate reacts with anger and malice when others refer to her with distaste, and, therefore, the vicious cycle endures as Kate is constantly misunderstood. The audience gains insight into Katharina’s motives through observing her interactions with Bianca and Baptista. She treats her family especially poorly and blatantly holds grudges against both her father and

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