Taming Of The Shrew Deception

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Disguise and deception are themes that are heavily intertwined in the play; the characters seemingly assume and discard their disguises without any major consequences for their actions. We are reminded by this that “The Taming of the Shrew” is a comedy of mistaken identity, a plot device that becomes more sophisticated as the play develops. These two devices become integral to the play’s meaning and understanding. The purpose of disguise in this play is to illustrate the extent at which we are prepared to change ourselves and believe in convenient fictions to fit into society. Shakespeare uses disguises to heighten reality. Shakespeare signals to the audience right at the beginning of the play that disguise is going to be an important element…show more content…
He questions himself, “Am I a Lord… Or do I dream?” and then he accepts what he is experiencing as the truth, and casts his old life away as if it were a “dream.” Not only has Sly undergone his transformation, but the Lord is now also disguised as a servant. This could demonstrate an inversion of social class and hierarchies and could suggest that they will be pivotal to the plot. Inversion allows the audience to physically witness the fluid nature of identity, they can see Sly question his new found nobility and then accepting it; this links in with the idea that in order to conform to societal pressures we accept convenient fictions no matter how ludicrous because the alternative is a lot…show more content…
Petruchio shows Katherine that her bad behaviour is inconsequential, that he knows it’s a disguise. He likens her behaviour to his clothes and says “to me she’s married, not unto my clothes,” he is marrying her, not her “shrew” persona. The could be Petruchio deceiving Baptista into thinking that he is a honourable man, but later one we see that she did marry “unto [his] clothes,” the Petruchio we see voicing soliloquies is a completely different person from the Petruchio that tortures and seeks to have complete control over

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