Sharon Flake's So I Ain T No Good Girl

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You’d be better without him If you were dating the guy of your dreams…Would you do anything to keep him no matter what he did to you, or would you let him go as soon as he did you wrong? In the short story,” So I ain’t no good girl”, written by Sharon Flake, the author shares with us a very relatable but also mind-dwelling story about a young lady and the many problematic encounters she is faced with, due to her relationships with other characters in the story. Flake decides to portray the main character in the story using very realistic scenery and character emotional and background insight. In the story the protagonist, this young girl, is in a sentimental relationship with a character later on introduced in this story. His…show more content…
These two characters do very incoherent things in certain points in the story. The actions these characters carry are not very wise and they end up hurting one another. As the story goes on though, Flake gives off some insight into the character’s personal life and the adults in it. These insights let the reader have a more helpful understanding as to why the characters do the things they do. In these insights, Flake describes these young one’s parents and how their actions affect who they are. The protagonists’ parents have very unhealthy relationships. “I apologize, like my momma does when my daddy slaps her. Just like Raheem’s momma does too”, the young girls states that her mother gets physically abused by her father, but never does anything about it, instead she apologizes to her dad. This insight allowed the reader to connect back to these two characters’ arguments and come up with an excuse for their actions. Much like their parents, these two teens have a disturbed relationship, and even though it’s always Raheem’s fault, the young girl always ends up apologizing and acting like nothing

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