Taking The SAT Reflection

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The first time I had taken the SAT I did not go into testing with the correct mindset. Taking the SAT was not only a struggle, but as well as a huge obstacle considering I had depression.The emotions I experienced had deterred me from my main goal which was achieving a sixteen hundred on the SAT the first time taken. Before taking the test I could feel my mental drive and capability had been lifted away from my body, I was just a literal structure or bones and flesh. The depression had settled in my body much worse than I had presumed it to be. I can remember exactly my emotions on the distant drive to the SAT testing site; worthlessness, anxiety, helplessness, and the extreme feeling of emptiness. I honestly have never endured such feeling in my entire life before, but during that time before the test I felt like I was at the bottom of a bottomless abyss.…show more content…
I can remember how I couldn’t even make it through the instructor's directions without crying or even feeling lonesome . Not only where the odds against me , but as well as my testing anxiety . I had starved myself and I wasn’t ready . I could feel my stomach clenching together as I tried to stay awake for the test . I was so scared I never even left the room for a break . The afraidness had attached me to my seat and I had stayed there . Sitting in that room had felt like forever . As I had dreadingly made it through each reading section then came the mat section . I already have had to deal with a math disability and testing anxiety in the past , but also now I had to face the SAT math portion with depression . Answering the questions was like trying to answer how big space is and it’s unmeasurable
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