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Establishing political parties based on faith groups would also be the first step in instituting a national religion. As previously mentioned, over 70 percent of American citizens are members of Christian based religious sects. Therefore, the laws would eventually evolve to favor society’s Christianity majority. Although this may seem appealing on the surface, opinion may quickly change once this principle is applied. The country of Saudi Arabia is a good example of the mixing of church and state. In Saudi Arabia, the government sanctioned religious police called the Mutaween. The sole purpose of the Mutaween is to enforce Islamic virtues throughout the community. They have the power to arrest and punish citizens for any infraction of…show more content…
Justice John Paul Stevens’ recently warned that our democracy is threatened whenever we remove a brick from the wall that was designed to separate religion and government (Dreisback). Evidence of bricks being removed is prominently displayed annually. December 25th, Christmas Day, has been deemed an ongoing national holiday. Why? Because 70 percent of Americans are Christians. Furthermore, public schools as well as state universities routinely align fall breaks to accommodate the Christmas celebration which is another brick being removed. Is this fair to the remaining 30 percent of students, American citizens, which are not Christians? A good case could be made that scheduling fall breaks to accommodate Christmas is unconstitutional in accordance with the First Amendment. America, the land of the melting pot, should make concessions to recognize the other religions. Abstaining from using the term Merry Christmas in favor of Happy Holiday is a start but not the complete answer. Some would argue the government is just by making Christmas Day a national holiday which includes time off from work for citizens of all religious faiths. Although true, maybe it would be more just to authorize one religious holiday annually and let employees decide which one to choose. It would promote awareness and tolerance of the diverse religions practiced in America without…show more content…
The Christianity view that same sex relationships are ungodly was the center of the debate. However, same sex couples proclaimed that states that did not recognize their right to marry were impeding on their freedom on the basis of religion. The United States Supreme Court recently affirmed their claim by ruling in favor of same sex marriages. America’s Christian majority was clearly unhappy with this ruling. According to John Locke, men that live together with no rules are a foundation to disorder and mischief, sedition and rebellion. Unfortunately, people with an opposing view of a law will sometimes express their objection by refusing to recognize the law. The basis is usually because they feel the law is impeding upon their rights as an American citizen. This proved true when an elected official in Kentucky refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples which was in direct conflict with federal law. The elected official claimed issuing the licenses would violate her religious preference. Fortunately, the government fulfilled its role of protecting the people’s rights and providing them safety by establishing and enforcing laws (Locke, 1689, pp 160). A judge ordered the county clerk to jail for obstructing justice by failing to execute her job. If the elected official was permitted to not issue the marriage licenses on the grounds of religion then

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