Odysseus And The Gods In Homer's The Odyssey

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Odysseus and The Gods Have you heard of the greek hero Odysseus? He is the protagonist in the epic poem, The Odyssey by Homer. It is about Odysseus’ quest to go home. In the story, Odysseus is helped by many gods, but the three most influential were Athena, Poseidon, and Calypso. The First time Athena is influential in Odysseus’s adventures is on Calypso’s Island, where odysseus is trapped. Athena asks her father to get him free. This is clear on page 1038 where the text states “Athena has supported and helped Odysseus on his long journey. Now she begs her father, Zeus, to help her favorite mortal.” Another example of when Odysseus is influenced by Athena is when she advises him to be disguised as a beggar. This is on page 1078 were the…show more content…
The first example of Poseidon influencing Odysseus is when poseidon's son prays for his father to kill Odysseus’s crew and never let Odysseus go home. This is shown on page 1052 when Poseidon's son is angry at Odysseus for blinding him with the wooden pole he now begs his father to avenge him. After this a second example Poseidon influencing Odysseus is shown when Odysseus is told that he must make a sacrifice to Poseidon. The text states this on page 1063 when Tiresias tells Odysseus how to be forgiven by Poseidon “ make a fair sacrifice to Poseidon a ram, a bull, and a great buck boar.” Finally a third example of Poseidon influencing Odysseus is when Poseidon sinks Odysseus’s raft. The Text clearly shows this on page 1042 when it states “ but the sea god Poseidon by no means is ready to allow his easy passage over his watery domain.” This is the last reason showing on how Poseidon has influenced Odysseus in multiple…show more content…
The first example of Calypso influencing Odysseus is when she keeps him on her island unable to leave for 7 years. This is on page 1038 were the text states “ he spent 7 of these years as Calypso not so unwilling captive.” The second example of calypso influencing Odysseus is when she gives him the material to build a raft. This is stated on page 1040 the text then reads “Calypso promises Odysseus a raft and provisions.” A third example of the goddess Calypso influencing Odysseus is when she tries to convince him to stay on the island and not return to penelope . This is on page 1042 when the goddess says “can I be less desirable than she is? Less Interesting? Less beautiful? Can a mortal compare to a god in grace and form.” These are the ways in which Calypso influences Odysseus during his quest

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