Symbols In The Kite Runner

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Kites present the symbol of hope, life, and honor; all of which are ideals Amir fails to represent. Jealousy eats the hearts of human souls when good is no longer good enough. In order to win over minds of wisdom, sacrifices are inevitable. Such sacrifices come with deceitful intentions filled with selfishness. Behaviors and actions determine characteristics of the future and essentially make up experiences and the common core of self idealization. Kites are simplistic, however, they are uncontrollable when winds get too strong. Hosseini uses the “kite scene” as an extended metaphor to demonstrate Amir’s character as an anti-hero through vivid tenors, vehicles, and grounds, thus exposing the readers to what Amir will sacrifice for self-benefit.…show more content…
The glass string is known for ripping apart the hands of players and leaving behind battle scars and memories. This string is the sacrifice for the title of the victor, a job well done, the price to pay. Every winner has wounds that will last for decades, but the honor that comes with those scars make up for the difference. Paper-thin sails fly across the sky in an effort to cut and rid of the infidel opponents. Hope is placed on the faces of those competing, each praying for honor and God’s blessing. “If Baba was wrong and there was a God like they said in school, then He’d let me win.” (Pg. 65). The central and cross bars that hold the kite together, keeping the form against the prevailing winds provide purpose and relevance. Amir originally doubted the skills and capability of the team, Hassan and him. “Why was I putting myself through this, when I already knew the outcome?” (Pg. 61). Without such bars, there is no protection from the path of harm and discrepancy. Wind is essential for kite running. There is no doubt kites mandate the power of wind. However, wind is unpredictable, it varies, and often times against the will of

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