Bilbo Baggins: An Epic Hero

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No One is Born a Hero Even the most shy, cowardly men are capable of growing in ways where the qualities of an epic hero are acquired. In the story of The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien allows the reader to experience the journey of an underdog prevailing as a hero. Tolkien leads the reader into a fantasy world, though fictional, The Hobbit’s themes still hold much relevance to modern day life. The Hobbit, written for Tolkien’s two children, gives any underdog a heroic ambition. By the end of Bilbo Baggins’ journey, this character exists as an epic hero. Initially Bilbo Baggins trepidatiously signs onto a wizard named Gandalf’s journey without much consent, Biblo just resides as an ordinary member of the group until his cleverness saves the dwarves traveling along side him from three trolls, Bilbo ends up saving the group more than anyone expects of him.…show more content…
To his surprise, dwarves begin to barge into Bilbo’s home. “It was not the correct thing to say, but they have begun to arrive had flustered him badly. He liked visitors, but he liked to know them before they arrived, and he prefered to ask them himself” (Tolkien 8). Bilbo did not invite anyone into his home. The dwarves rushing into Bilbo’s house was unexpected, but him becoming a necessary asset to their journey was extremely unexpected. When Bilbo subsides to going on this journey, he has no idea of the events that will follow. Pusing Bilbo Baggins’ out of his comfort zone becomes exactly what he needs as he begins his journey of becoming a

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