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Winston Churchill was born on 11/30/1874 (Bio), In Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England (Bio). Winston Churchill was the first-born son of his father Lord Randolph Churchill (Janet Daniels) and his mother Lady Randolph Churchill (Janet Daniels). Six years after he was born his parents gave birth to his new younger brother John Strange Spencer-Churchill (Janet Daniels) At the age of 34, He married Clementine Hozier-Churchill (Celebrity net worth) While married, The Churchill’s had 5 children; Diana Churchill, Randolph Churchill, Marigold Churchill, Sarah Churchill, and Mary Soames (Janet Daniels). A brief list of what Winston Churchill did in life is; he was a Member of Parliament, a statesman, a soldier, a journalist, a historian, an author,…show more content…
It is true that in some cases independence may not be a good quality because it can lead people to isolate themselves and be socially awkward but in Winston Churchill’s case it was quite different. Unlike perseverance for Churchill, he started to become independent immediately when he first started boarding school. When he was there he learned to live without his parents and fend for himself in a way. Since his father was also involved with politics, it influenced him when “His father resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer after refusing to preside over "fiscal irresponsibility." This unprecedented move effectively ended his father's political career. His father's willingness to commit political suicide rather than compromise his principles must have deeply impressed young Winston.” (Ben Morehead). When Winston Churchill became the man of the house after his father’s death it forced a degree of independence on him, which he commented on in 1898 saying, “Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong; and a boy deprived of a father's care often develops, if he escapes the perils of youth, an independence and vigor of thought which may restore in after life the heavy loss of early days.” (Churchill Quotes). The independence Churchill built up from boarding school and his fathers death greatly influenced him to vocally attack axis powers nearly a decade before the war with almost no support from people or other countries as he recalls in his Memoirs of the Second World War, “Future generations may deem it noteworthy that the supreme question of whether we should fight on alone never found a place upon the War Cabinet

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