Identifying Psychoanalytic Concepts In The Film Juno '

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The movie Juno contains various psychoanalytic concepts that explain how the unconscious portion of the ego, illicit certain responses (Halfon, Malkovich, Kovick, Smith, & Reitman, 2007). The purpose of the paper is to explain the characters personality from a psychoanalytic perspective. I have chosen three concepts to explain her persona. They are denial, displacement, and rationalization. Each concept is explained in their own respective paragraph. I provide examples to support my claims. Finally, this paper concludes with a conclusion that ties in how these theories explain Juno’s personality. Keywords: Defense mechanisms, denial, displacement, rationalization Identifying Psychoanalytic Concepts in the Film Juno Juno MacGuff is a character from the film, Juno (Halfon, Malkovich,…show more content…
Having this defense mechanism preformed unconsciously, her behavior shifted to cause her attitude to react. At that moment in time, Juno was unaware of her behavior. Rationalization Rationalization is when a person creates a narrative to make them feel better. This person comes up with reasoning or an excuse to justify their behavior or decision. According to Funder (2007) “Rationalization protects them from anxiety they would feel if they realized their shame” (p. 355). People constantly use this method to defend themselves. Juno uses rationalization as the last psychoanalytic concept in the film. When Juno admitted to Paulie that she is pregnant, she was somewhat hoping his reaction would be better than what she received. So because of that, she then proclaimed, “Oh, I’m sorry I had sex with you, I know it wasn’t your idea” (Halfon, Malkovich, Kovick, Smith, & Reitman, 2007). Juno’s tries to come up with a beneficial response to an undesirable outcome. Overall, the character is trying to protect

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