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1.1 Introduction and financials to the company Gatorade is one of the main brands of the company PepsiCo, whose mission is to be the principal consumer products company in the food and beverage industry whilst providing its stakeholders financial remunerations and development opportunities to its employees, partners and communities. http://www.pepsico.com/sustainability PepsiCo is based in New York, United States and it is the second largest company in the country and the third largest company worldwide, generating net revenue of 62.8 billion in 2016. https://www.statista.com/topics/1503/pepsico/ Market capital of PepsiCo on 1st November 2017 - 156.62Billion Investors find PepsiCo attractive to invest in as it has a long term record of…show more content…
With the exception of the G Natural line (which has only the “Perform” product), each of the other lines has “Prime”, “Perform” and “Recover” products, designed to deliver important nutrition to athletes during different phases of exercise. The original Gatorade thirst quencher is one of the “Perform” products within the G-series line of products (Gatorade Situation Analysis, pg. 9-10). Target segment Based on consumer research, Gatorade’s target market consists of males aged 25-34, with a secondary target of males 18-24. Their primary target is athletes but their secondary target is non-athletes, as the product is often consumed by those who do not exercise regularly The key market segments that Gatorade serves are athletes and teenagers Gatorade products are currently sold to young teenagers and young adults who are involved in regular physical activity, and they can be professional or non-professional athletes. Gatorade’sGatorade's new G series includes three phases: Prime, Reform and Recover. The first phase, Prime, is fuel for everyday athletes. It is designed to be taken before an intense workout or game. It provides carbohydrates, performance fuel and

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