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Jack the ripper In East-end on the 31 of August 1888 around 3:40am a carter was walking to his job along Buck’s Row, a cobbled Whitechapel street. A cross the street, where a dominated Board School was, he noticed a bundle lying on the gateway. As the lightning was minimal he walk towards it and saw what it was, a body of a woman. This was the first known victim of Jack the rippers murder tour through London during the late 1800´s. This serial killer would late become one of the most known murder mysteries in our time. Mary Ann Nichols The name of the first victim was Mary Ann Nichols, born as Mary Ann Walker. She was, as known from the society and the remaining files, a prostitute and, if you ask her father and ex husband, also an alcoholic…show more content…
The victims this time was Elizabet Stide and Catherine Eddowes. Stride was the first one to of them both. Elizabeth Stride, born as Elisabet Gustavsdotter, was born in Sweden, Torslanda/ Gothemburg, and came to London in 1866. 3 years late she married a construction worker that she sperated from two times. Under her last years she supported her self as a dressmaker, cleaner, prostetution and help the swedish Christian assembly in London. Than it came to the murder there wasn’t the same characteristic lines as the both before. This time the victum just had got her throat cut of. Same say that this murder isnt one of “Jack’s” work, because of the not so horrible stub compounds. There are same “jack the Ripper – theories” that think “Jack” didn’t get enough satisfaction from just murded Stride. That he seeked more entertainment. However there most be same truth in that statement because one hour later a policeman found a body in the middle of Mitre Square. The name of this women was Catherine Eddowes. Her body did follow templet of “Jack’s” but this one was the worst of them. Her throat was cut off and her stomach was cutup. Her viscera were hanging on her shoulders and on her left side. Her left kidney was removed. She had scares all over her…show more content…
This time it was Mary Jane Kelly’s turn. There isnt much known from Kelly’s past but it was now the police got a image to looking for in the searching efter “Jack”. A witnesses said that Kelly spoke with a man with a red mustache, black hair, a long hat and seems to look like a honorble bussniesman. 9th of november in the middle of the day Kelly’s body was found. “Jack” did become worse. Her throat was cut off, stomach was cutup. Her viscera were all over place. Her breasts and uterus has removed and had circular markets all around them. Her face was so damaged after her eyes, eyebrow’s, nose and ears removed that no one could see who this really

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