Walmart Simulation Analysis

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Finding a balance between a companies mission and values while also adapting to a growing and robust industry is something that can be very difficult. The different scenarios of this simulation were ones that invoke more thought and arguments than previous simulations that I have completed previously where it seems as if there was “no brainer” decisions. The options laid out in this simulation I felt all had variables and points that are arguable stances. I always enjoy these types of simulations and feel it’s a great interactive way to grasp the topic of the class within a short simulation that forces you to think and make decisions. The following are my thoughts and reasons for the decisions made within this simulation. Scenario # 1: Store…show more content…
While the “green” aspect of the company is surely evident there was much discussed about the overall experience of the stores and customer service, so while the green aspect played a role, I didn’t let it solely determine my decision in this scenario. I choose to have the store concept stay the same, and while I see the benefits of the other options, because of the locations being in affluent neighborhoods expansion was going to bring on too much red tape, and potentially lose the look and feel that customers have grown to love. Smartmart will still have the opportunity to adapt and modify product offerings within the same concept and without losing the customer service side of things. Having the stores stayed the same was received with opinions across the board however overall felt it was well received in the end overall. I think that sometimes in business we are always chasing the next big thing, and can lose sight of what has worked successfully in the past doesn’t mean we need to drastically change in order to adapt to a changing marketing, the ability to adapt is still well within SmartMart capabilities within the current store concept…show more content…
I understand where the CEO is coming from and wanting to invest in this industry for the betterment of society, however felt was a little aggressive in jumping in to a completely separate industry. However since a choice is needed I went with having everything done in house, my reason for this was that SmartMart has worked hard at establishing products and offerings with our name on them that we can offer knowing how they were produced and made. Having our name on a product is a big recommendation and partnering with other firms, or acquiring a startup eliminates our ability to control the type of product offered. I am thinking long term when and if something were to come out negatively with one of the partnering firms how much it would hurt the SmartMart brand, Bio-Fuels are a hot topic and industry right now and under much scrutiny and any small mistake or missteps is magnified and not being able to control our product and project the brand name and image that has been established for some time seems foolish to tarnish on something somewhat outside of our normal scope of

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