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Throughout cinema history movies have always been made to entertain an audience by touching their emotions to keep them drawn to the screen. Traditionally there was always a protagonist (usually the good guy), and the antagonist (usually the bad guy). The good guy always won and the bad guy always lost, and that was what the audience expected. In more modern times a new style of films has become more popular known as alternative crime films. These films introduce new world views, don’t always achieve justice, and show new social issues with crime. “Boondoock Saints” is a movie that could be considered an alternative film. This essay will explain how “Boondoock Saints” can be considered an alternative film, while also showing the differences from other traditional movies.…show more content…
In the other hero films the good guy does good for the community for some sort of because that is for the people. In “Boondoock Saints” the “good” that they are committing is not for the community or some sort of reason that is meant to help other people. The brothers in the film decide to start eliminating mafia leaders because they feel that god has appointed them to do so. Not because they feel it is good, but because a higher religious figure has told them to. Another thing that needs to be noted is the “good” that they are doing can also be considered bad. The movie shows these brothers killing mafia leaders in bloody and brutal ways which is very untraditional. The new world views in “Boondoock Saints” are the brothers deciding to do good for a untraditional reason, and the way they do the good is extremely

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