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SRCC LIBRARY The company has a very much supplied library having about seventy four thousand books and customary membership of eighty worldwide and national diaries; magazines and every day daily papers. It cooks the necessities of the 2800 understudies at undergrad and postgraduate level. The Library services are completely robotized. The Library has reading hills at the ground floor and on the principal floor. The perusing lobbies suit three hundred understudies. The Library uses the Library Management Software (LMS) 'LibSys' form 7. It additionally utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for efficient management of library and its services and convenience of users. The Library is very much furnished with all the advanced…show more content…
The bonafide students and staff members have ideal to get to the library and use it for ready and concentrate amid working hours and days. 2. The membership of the library can be acquired by the bonafide student and staff members of SRCC by filling an endorsed frame with the College Library Office for issuing books, diaries, magazines, and so forth and profiting distinctive offices of the library. A participation card is issued by the Library Office. The part should create the enrollment card while getting books, and so on issued in her/her name or profiting distinctive offices. 3. The membership is valid for assigned period. The students toward the start of second and fourth semester ought to restore their participation card on generation of charges store slip. The part can also discontinue their membership by surrendering their enrollment cards. 4. Students and Staff members when leaving SRCC for all time must store the cards with the Library Office and get their record cleared. 5. In case membership card is lost or lost the library office should be informed in writing as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected. Individuals can acquire another card set up of lost or lost card. If there should arise an occurrence of misfortune or harm of card Rs.250 might be charged from the…show more content…
Students who fail in any year of a course and move toward becoming Ex-Student can also apply for the participation of the library on the proposal of any instructor of the school. Such individuals will be required to pay the full amount of Library Fee. Rules for Issue, Return and Maintenance of Books 1. The members can issue books, and so forth in their name against the membership card according to their privilege. While issuing the books, and so on from the part should check the books, and so forth. that the same is all together. In the event of any distortion is seen by the part the same should be reported to the counter assistant. All books, and so forth are issued for a constrained period; consequently, the part should take note of the date by which she/he is required to restore the book, and so on. 2. The issued books, must be returned to the Library at the very latest the date of return. Returning book late should draw in fine according to following timetable: 3. In the event that the book, and so on is lost/lost by the part he/she needs to supplant the same with another one or might be required to pay the cost of book at current cost, if book is accessible in the market, with a fine of Rs.50/ -

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