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A Simple Analysis on the Film Industry in China In general, the film industry mainly covers a series of industrial chain links for the film and television works’ production, marketing, distribution, development ,manufacturers and related services industry system. In the narrow sense, it refers to all products and services related with film and television works including: the technical service for the equipment during the process of pre-production, post production and finished production. China is the second largest film market around the world, and it is also one of the market that grows the fastest. Due to the large population in China, there is a large gap between the number of screens between the average urban population and the developed…show more content…
People have formed increasing demand for entertainment and cultural life.The company continues to expand the production scale of the film business sector and strengthens the quality of the film and publicity, making better box office results and rapid revenue growth in the film business. Huayi Bros.Media Group has become the leading enterprises,occupying a dominant position. The film business of Huayi Bros. Media Group has excellent production, distribution, and the ability to combine planning and marketing.There were 3 films produced by Huayi Brothers and all of them were among the domestic film box office top 5 in 2010. It was the most successful private film distribution company gradually. In 2010, with the rapid expansion of the company's film business, Huayi Brothers released a total of 8 films. There are 4 films whose box office was more than 100 million yuan. Huayi Bros. Media Group achieved operating income of 623,705,000, showing the company's strong film production and distribution capacity. And then I will give you a brief about Huayi Brothers Media Co.,…show more content…
The meeting would consider the draft bill of the Film Industry Promotion Law. Investment adviser in the cultural industry researcher Cai Ling expressed that the proposed review would promote the lawmaking of Film Industry Promotion Act in an interview . Film Industry Promotion Act can reduce the market access threshold, increase the government's support for the film industry, and standardize the market order, which will have a significant impact on the sound development of the film

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