Patriarchy And Matriliney

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Matriliny till now was examined in the context of Khasi community but in this chapter I will look at the complexities of the broader framework of this social system. In this final chapter I would critically look at the theoretical debates around matriliny as a social system by juxtaposing the notions of progress and development with ‘primitiveness’of matriliny. By tracing the discourse, on the same lines, the chapter will challenge the universalization of concepts of patriarchy and matriliny by highlighting multiple forms of patriarchy and matriliny operating in the society. The chapter will evoke the various gaps, continuities and overlaps between two different matrilineal societies and how then patriarchy takes various shapes to interven…show more content…
Regulating female sexuality, taking monogamous marriage as a tool, to further link it with the idea of property is how patriliny understands itself as the civilized. The dichotomy is packed with two-folded effects, it automatically suggests that matriliny structures are more vulnerable to change as compared to patrilineal one when faced with economic differentiation, declaring patriarchy more conducive for development process to manifest. This theory propagates the same that matriliny as a social structure is tied back in the framework of savagery, traditional and primitive whereas patriarchy is a site where concepts of modernity, civilization and development operate. With labels of ‘advancement’ and ‘hindrence to advancement’, a clear-cut divide is set between matrliny and patriarchy. Engels advocates Morgan’s theory that patriarchy and monogamy are produced as an outcome of accumalation of surplus value and increasing role of the State. The category of primitive matrilineal society was packed with concepts of nomad, unregulated sexuality, communal supremacy in this manner because the civilized patriarchal society highlights the notions of monogamous family, private property and role of State, the primitive matrilineal society needed an image which is in complete constrast to the modern patriarchal society(Bindu, 2003:18). It is interesting to note that as soon as a structure is labelled as primitive, matriliny, in this case, there is a sudden intervention to shape and reshape it, until it resonates with hegemonic structure marked with idea of progress. This definition in-turn justifies the appropriation and negotiation subscribed by colonization, urbanization and globalization in matrilineal societies, agricultural sector and under-developed countries to rearrange them into patriarch

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