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Standardized Testing Standardized testing has been around for decades. The No Child Left Behind Act says “Students must be tested annually in reading and math in grades 3 through 8 and at least once in grades 10 through 12” (GreatSchools Staff | March 8, 2016 Print article 2016) . Around the time of testing students feel pressured and tend to stress themselves out. This form of testing should be replaced with another assessment because of scores on this test, students have been held back from the next grade and even college. Without this form of testing student would be more motivated to further their education past high school. Although some people say standardized testing is a good way to measure a child's performance, there are some…show more content…
Having these tests holds a teacher and the student accountable and adds a responsibility for teachers to teach and the students to learn what they need in order to move on to the next grade. For example if a student knew that the test they take doesn’t determine if they move on to the next grade they wouldn’t pay as much attention in class and wouldn’t try hard on the end of year test. Same goes for teachers because they know they have a responsibility of teaching what they are told because the tests at the end of the year depend on the material and students will need that knowledge to do well ("Advantages and Disadvantages of Standardized Testing" 2015). Another benefit of standardized testing is that the data can be used for comparison between districts, schools, states, etc. With the scores after each year it gives the board of education an idea of how schools are doing and what to change in the standards for each subject. These scores also determine what other things need to be added to the standards and what needs to be removed for future school years ("Advantages and Disadvantages of Standardized Testing"

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