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SET721 Sustainable Engineering Name :- Jagrut Pandya Student Code :- 216195986 Assignment No. :- 2 Assignment Name:- Future Global Energy production and infrastructure report Due Date :- 2nd September 2016 Abstract This report demonstrates the detail search of variables impacting the energy generation and the energy employments. It demonstrates the impact of population development on the energy request and energy supply. The diversities of energy utilization in urban, country and modern regions have been revealed. Distinctive energy ages strategies have been depicted in this report. The examination about how the future energy needs can be fulfilled utilizing distinctive techniques and enhancing some of them is showed.…show more content…
light and the Heat Both forms are equally important to us for our existence. Plant needs light to grow and generate food while we need the heat energy to maintain body temperature and power their homes and industries. This means that it is the greatest form of sustainable energy. There are many companies that are making solar panels to knock this energy for use at home or in the industries. Consequently, the energy is also being appointed for commercial purposes in many fields like powering of homes in power grids. We have to of the solar panel and install it in the homes or commercial property. During the summer periods, you can cut down your energy costs. Wind Energy Wind is a sustainable energy source. It is available naturally and can be used to produce huge amounts of power that can be used in many ways and places. Earlier, sailors knock this energy to help the ship propel through its various directions to produce Energy. Nowadays, this energy sources are being commercialized. There are many companies that have invested on power grids and windmills to use into this energy source. The energy generated can be provide to others also to power their homes and industries. Soon, sustainable energy like wind power will be a big industry and the use of fossil fuel will have halted and no longer being…show more content…
We can get energy by installing geothermal power stations that can use heat coming out from inside the earth and use it to generate electricity. The temperature below the earth is so high. Geothermal energy cannot be connected everywhere as high temperature is needed to produce steam that could move turbines. It can be attached in those areas that have high seismic activity and are likely to volcanoes. They are environment friendly and we can produce energy throughout the day but their ability to produce energy only at suitable regions limits us from using it on a much wider

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