Susan B. Anthony: The Women's Suffrage Movement

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History is composed of many men, and women that accomplished extraordinary things. They do things out of the normal, things that mark, and many times even change history. Often men are eulogized while women are not spoken of so often or so highly. The truth of the matter is that women certainly made history, and one of those women was Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony was a part of the Women’s suffrage movement. She was co-founder of the Women’s State Temperance Society, Co-founder of the Women’s National Loyal League, co-founder of the National Women Suffrage Association, and Publisher of Women’s rights newspaper the revolution. Susan B was born February 15 1820. She learned how to read at a very early age which heed her become the extraordinary…show more content…
Her courage to stand up, speak up, and represent women all around the world made her an extraordinary woman. Her persistence to obtain women their equal rights marked history. Susan B did great things that helped women during her time and women after her. She fought for the abolishment of women as slaves and for the right of women to vote. Susan wanted women to be at the same level as men. Many years went by and Susan B did not give up. She faced trial and many other injustices for standing up on behalf of women but it was all well worth it. In 1887 the two organizations came back and they joined forces and combined into one. Susan B was now one of its first two presidents and until the age of 80 remained there. Although Susan B retired she became honorary president of the International Women’s suffrage alliance. Susan’s life as an advocate for Women’s suffrage rights was not an easy one, but that is exactly what made her extra ordinary. She made way for the rights that women now, all around the world, are able to enjoy and take advantage of. Susan B. Was one of the reasons why women are now almost as equal as
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