Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama's Determination

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For this election, it is important that the candidate proves that they are determined and have positive interests for the United States, to improve and become better. In the “Determination” ad, approved by President Obama, demonstrates qualities to the viewers that prove him to be the best candidate for the position. The advertisement provides those qualities and persuades the viewers to vote for President Obama. The ad uses a series of rhetorical strategies and grabs the audience attention. In the “Determination” ad, it demonstrates President Obama as a trustworthy person, caring when it comes to the people and the economy, uses inductive reasoning to prove President Obama will lead the country to prosperity, and with the metaphor “there is no quit in America and you’re seeing that right now.” President Obama is portrayed as a trustworthy person. In his previous four years a lot was accomplished to make the United States improve. The “Determination” ad mentions that in his previous years he did many things such as bring back the auto industry, home values rising and more. He has not let down the people. People need guidance and President Obama gives the guidance Americans need. He guides the American people and makes…show more content…
Americans, with initiative and help from the president, has led to the US being a superior place. While the metaphor is being used, there is a man in the background running on a beach; this represents the metaphor in how America is running forward and not quitting no matter how hard it gets. The President has assisted in this by providing a stronger America. He has done this by providing more jobs, saving jobs, making living a little easier, and bringing up exports up. This shows how if viewers vote for him, he will provide another four years of

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