Village Ghetto Land Comparison

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Two songs by Stevie Wonder “Big Brother” (1972) and “Village Ghetto Land” (1974) are unique in their own specific way. “Big Brother” addresses the government’s deception of the poor in order to obtain their vote on Election Day. “Village Ghetto Land” expresses the hardship of families living in poverty. The message between the two songs speak out about people not having equal rights, by articulating the issues of change and living in distress. Both songs represent needy people going through hard times surrounding their selves of racial issues and living on a low income. One similarity between the two songs share is living in urban environment. In “Big Brother” the song contribute to the environmental issues in poverty. For example, we live in a house the size of a matchbox/roaches live with us wall to wall” (line 20-21). The environmental issue has cause suffering among families that are in need. Yet, Village Ghetto Land surround the families with dreadful conditions of starvation. “Families buying dog food now/ starvation roams the streets” (line 15-16). The verse reveals how the homeless observe by eating out the garbage can for survival. Each song express the lack of poor living conditions and nutritious food within families.…show more content…
The message in the song deals with pain and despair. For example, “You’ve killed all our leaders” (line 22). The verse refer to the leaders Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy. While, “Village Ghetto Land” anticipates murder among the citizens living in poverty. “Broken glass is everywhere/ it’s a bloody scene/killing plagues the citizens” (line 8-10). The people in the song feel uneasy knowing that, they are not safe in a dangerous place. Both verses highlight the injustice and harm towards the

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