Surgical Technician Career

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First i am going to start off by describing my career. The surgical techs job in the ER is that they make sure everything is setup and they make sure everything is sterile and cleaned.The educational requirements for being a surgical technician are you have to have Certificate, Diploma or associates degree in surgical technology.To get an associates degrre you would have to go a 2-Year Community college like Pitt Community or Lenoir Community college.The courses you would need would be Surgical procedures, pharmacology,Terminology,Anatomy and Physiology are the classes needed to be a surgical tech. The average salary range can range from a high of 54,750$ to a low of 32,850 in mississippi.At entry level you would earn around 25,000 to 42,000 thousand a year according to Lansing Community College and Piedmont…show more content…
Alot faster then most carrers . Organizations that are included in having a role with a surgical technician are , AST Association of surgical technician, ASA Association of surgical assistance. AST promotes the profession of Surgical Technicians . ASA Career outlook would be as long as you would want to stay and enjoy the job. Based on how you like it and if it is paying enough for you . Certifications have to be renewed every 4-5 years. Mentally to be a surgical technician you would have to be open minded about the people that go in there and you cant just not work with them or on them because of their ethnicity or race . You should also be able to look at things without being grossed out or be able to be good around blood and open wounds and/or infections and peoples hygiene it being good or bad. Physical abilities that would be good to have are you can be steady with your hands and you have short filed off nails that aren't sharp or pointy. You should also have a good hygienic look keep a good look like close cut hair and shaved facial hair

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