Polemarchus Argument In Socrates The Republic

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Pol200 essay Shehryar Zareef 1000635235 TUT0108 Topic C In the book The Republic, Socrates is having a discussion with his pupils, now this discussion takes place from Plato’s memory of the dialogue that Socrates recalls to him. Cephalus began an argument with Socrates about the meaning of justice, with his statement of speaking the truth and repaying what one has borrowed. Cephalus soon drops the argument using the excuse of the sacrifice to leave the table. Polemarchus his son then joins in and continues the argument in his father’s place, with a little bit of altered argument. Now he does lose his argument and submit into Socrates will, but his statements aren’t left behind in the dust. They continue to be used in the building of Kallipolis when Glaucon and Adeimantus begin their argument. For now I will begin with Polemarchus argument and then continue to display where in the book Socrates uses it as a tool to construct Kallipolis. Polemarchus makes his statement that we should do what good we can to our friends and also conduct what harm we…show more content…
Weapon smiths manufacture and maintain the armory, while wage-earners build the walls, and guardians defend them. Everyone in the city considers the other an ally, for as its needed to make such perfect fluctuation between individuals, otherwise it could lead to numerous negative outcomes. Socrates mentions on 375c that surely a guardian must be harsh to his enemies and gentle to their own people((Plato 1992, 375c). This is a clear example of Polemarchuses initial argument about doing good to your friends and bringing harm to the enemies. Socrates does shutdown the argument when Polemarchus brought it up in book 1 but Socrates does cleverly continue to use the ideal throughout the

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