American Prohibitory Act Of 1775 Essay

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Some may think American independence was induced by our hard fought battles with British soldiers. Others would say it was when the colonies finally united and began operating as one cohesive nation. But the reality is a series of events leading up to 1775 forced Great Britain into economic warfare with America. This decisive act named the Prohibitory Act of 1775 would be the deciding factor that would lead America to its independence. To gain a better understanding of this critical time in history, it’s necessary to first discuss the events leading up to the implementation of the act, next deep dive into the specifics of the legislature, and finally discuss the effect and outcome it had on the Americans. In 1775 the second Continental Congress began debating whether the thirteen colonies should break free from Great Britain and become an independent America. Most colonies wanted a…show more content…
Parliament felt compelled to prohibit all British trade with the American colonies. Further, all American ships and cargo were to be treated as if they belonged to an enemy power and were subject to seizure; if adjudged a lawful prize by an admiralty court, the ships were to be sold and the proceeds distributed among the capturing ship’s officers and crew. Once the word got back to America what Great Britain planned to do, Congress knew it ended any chance for reconciliation. Without a doubt, this act of war marked the point of fracture in an increasingly dramatic exchange between the Americans and the British empire. This measure served as a declaration of economic warfare and did not go unnoticed in the colonies. According to the Library of Congress (n.d.), the Continental Congress responded by issuing letters of marque and reprisal, permitting Americans to arm private ships for attacking and seizing British vessels and cargoes at

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