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While deciding which career I should discuss, I chose to do research on becoming a veterinarian because I have a strong attachment with animals. There are many obstacles for this career, but I’m willing to challenge myself and get past them. My main goal is to have a bright future for myself. When I achieve this goal, it will be worth it because being in the medical field brings a lot of benefits and wealth. This type of career requires a lot of education, training, and daily research, and offers many different benefits. The minimum education required for veterinarians is: a four-year bachelor’s of science and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in addition to undergraduate school. These professionals are also required to obtain licensure to practice. The years that are required for veterinary school in the United States is four years for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree and an additional three to five years of advanced education, totaling seven to nine years of schooling. Some of the schools that would offer veterinarian training are North Carolina State University, Ohio State University, University Of Wisconsin Madison, and Texas A&M University College Station. The Penn State website lists different entrance requirements for veterinarians, which would be: “Grade Point Average (GPA), animal and clinical…show more content…
As a veterinarian, I would receive 30 days of paid vacation per year, paid federal holidays, paid sick leave and, being a female, paid maternity leave. Also, most veterinarians receive health care and dental care at no cost and these benefits continue after retirement at a low cost. There are additional benefits as well, along with spousal coverage. US News reports that: “The standard beginning wage or salary for this job in the United States is $84,640 with a high end salary around 150,000” ("Veterinarian: Salary"). These financial figures will definitely allow me and my family a comfortable standard of

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