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efit of this technique is that a person fearing of not being believed will respond to all questions or alternatives, not any particular option as in case of a deceptive subject. Also even if a person guesses the answer believes it to be correct, he can be distinguished through “mock test”. The limitation of this technique is that not every time, the information is available to the examiner about such so called concealed information. Also, this format is less useful in case of the employment screening tests. 5. Searching Peak of Tension (SPOT) test : This test is used when some information is availableonly to the guilty subject and neither to the examiner nor to the innocent subject. For example, in the case of passing secret information to some other enemy country: Q. Did you passed information to China? Q. Did you passed information to Pakistan? Q. Did you passed information to UAE? Q. Did you passed information to USA? In this case if the suspect shows equal responses to all the questions then he is considered innocent. If the subject shows some variable reaction to any particular question, he is considered guilty. This test resolves the problem of POT in…show more content…
Though it is used in variety of cases for investigative purpose. Recently it has been used to many cases like AarushiTalwar’s murder case, Shorahabuddin fake encounter etc. The use of polygraph in India is guided by the landmark judgement of Supreme Court of India in case Selvi and others v. state of Karnataka. The bench of judge found this technique to be a breach to right of privacy as guaranteed by Constitution of India under article 21. Also according to Article 20(3), “no person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself” is violated as right to remain silent is breached. Polygraphy in India requires consent from the subject. Following is the summary of judgement in this

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