Summary Of The Stanley Milgram Experiment

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The Stanley Milgram Experiment was a test to see how many people would disobey authority when they knew they were hurting another person. One man acted as a scientist, who the participant believed to be the authority. The scientist would tell the participant to shock the man in the other room for every question he answered incorrectly. The more he got wrong, the stronger the voltage would be. As the participants pulled the lever to shock the man, they heard series of yelling and screaming. They believed that this man was in pain, when in reality, they were hearing a recording on a machine. When they came close to the end, they stopped hearing the voices of the man. The people who made this experiment hypothesized that not many people would…show more content…
They did not do anything, which became the problem. They should have immediately helped the man in need of help. Instead, they avoided the problem at hand, and refused to do anything. It is very upsetting that the people on the street did not help him as a human being. I learned that people can be very inconsiderate when it comes to troubles that are not their own. Bystander Effect In the beginning of this video, a man acted as if he was pickpocketing. Even when the man beside him clearly saw him do it, he just looked, and did not say anything. He simply looked around to see the reactions of those around him, and when they did not do anything, he decided not to do anything either. He felt as if it was not his responsibility. The next video displayed the reactions of the people on the streets when they saw someone in need of help. An actor was dressed in different types of clothing each time, and noticed the different reactions of Serye Kim Bryant High School the people around. When he was dressed in ragged clothes, it was obvious that people saw him, but they walked right by. He acted like he was in pain and yet, no one came to help. Next, he was dressed in formal wear with a suit. After four seconds, he was immediately surrounded

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