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Fracking is like a mini earthquake; the intense pressure breaks apart the rocks and freeze up the gas. Fracking results in a mixture of over 500 chemicals and over 400 trillion gallons of water are infused with these 500+ chemicals. Humans need water to live. All that water, and not a drop of it is drinkable. Fracking exempts the safe drinking water act, clean air act, clean water act, and about a dozen other regulations. What I found ridiculous from this documentary was that the DEP claimed the water was safe to drink but when families offered it to them, they wouldn’t drink it. “We’ve tested your water, there is nothing wrong with your water that be affected by the oil and gas in your water” meanwhile there is dirt in the water. Water is so contaminated that it catches on fire. This was causing…show more content…
7 medical researches from the university of colorado studied the air and the water and found a problem from toxic emissions from gas development. People were getting massive headaches, getting really ill, feeling really sick. One lady claimed it got so bad, she didn't even plan her days anymore. The smell of the chemicals in the air were so strong, people were passing out and getting body pains. One lady had her son's family living in her house and they all got asthma and were on nebulizers in the winter to breath. Some people would feel what is peripheral neuropathy and would get irreversible brain damage. They even lost their sense of smell and. When people seeked help in order to stop these industries, they were told they couldn’t monitor until they knew what was being used in the water. Louis stated in the film that if he as an individual dumped chemicals into the big boss of the companies well that "they'd have me in the pin so fast my head would spin." It is not fair that these industries can do whatever they want, and they don’t even have to report it our tell people they’re doing

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