Personal Narrative: Playing The Viola At Dana Junior Middle School

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I first started playing the viola in fifth grade at Dana Junior Middle School when I signed up for it as my elective after I had become very interested in learning to play it. This was because I had seen my older brother of two years, Alex Schedel, playing the stand up double bass when he attended Dana. He had told me about how much fun he was having learning to play it and how great Mr. Flores was as a teacher. He suggested I play the viola as my instrument because the violin was to unoriginal and I was to small for the cello or the bass. For the first year of playing, I struggled to learn the instrument and how to read the notes on the sheet music but by my second year I was getting the hang of it and joined the advanced orchestra. I started…show more content…
Dwyer told the whole orchestra that auditions to get into the San Diego Middle School Honors Symphony were coming up. He announced “In two weeks San Diego Honors Orchestra Auditions will take place at our school and I would love it if all of you guys tried out.” That got me very excited because my brother had been in that symphony two years in a row and I too wanted to be in it like he had. So the next private lesson I had I told Mrs. Atkins “San Diego Honors Orchestra Auditions are coming up and I would really like to try out. Can you help me practice the Audition piece?”. She was very excited to hear that one of her students was trying for it and together we practiced the sheet…show more content…
Dwyer had another announcement to talk about during class. He said that there was another honors orchestra audition coming up soon. When I heard that my head popped up from my music stand so I could hear more clearly about the audition. He explained that the audition was for the San Diego County Honors Orchestra. That wasn’t the same orchestra as the one my brother was in but I was demined to get in anyways. I was allowed to send in a recording of my playing as my audition because I would be on a band trip the day of the live audition. This helped me tremendously because that way I wouldn’t mess up my audition badly when getting too nervous from having a person watching me while I play. The day the recording was due, Mr. Negron and I recorded me playing the piece several time and he chose the best one to send in. Then I had to wait two weeks for the

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