Summary Of The Stanley Milgram Experiment

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The Stanley Milgram experiment uses a scientist to tell people to shock another person if they answer a question wrong. The experiment is to see how far it is that people would actually go before stopping. Before they start the experiment they expose the people to a small shock and explain that it is a very low amount of electricity even though it is painful. Very few people actually stop before any damage could be done. Some even got to a lethal amount of electricity and keep going. This video was very shocking to me because people knowing how the small amount of electricity feels, then putting enough electricity in a person to kill them. They even heard the other people screaming, and may have questioned the scientist, but still continued…show more content…
The car hit him with such a velocity that he did a cartwheel in the air. People begin to crowd around him and slowly get closer, but no one goes to the aid of him. The man is screaming as he is in extreme pain, and traffic just keeps passing by until the police arrive on scene. Mike Kelly: indent This video shows people who do not directly go up to the man and check on him. They do though help from a distance; you can see pedestrians picking up the phone possibly calling for help. They still could have stopped traffic or pulled him out of the road. The least they could have done is comfort him or ask if he needs help. They may have been afraid of a broken neck though, which moving him or slinging him around would have caused certain death. The Bystander effect The bystander effect video first explains what the bystander effect is, and then uses videos as examples. The first video is of a drunken man lying on the streets in need of help, but no one helps. On the other hand the next video is of a man in a suit, he is only on the ground for a minute or so before people start helping. Then the video shows how when people don’t help you’re not likely to help, but when other people help you are more likely to help out as

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