Summary Of The Stanley Milgram Experiment

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The Stanley Milgram experiment was a remix of the classic experiment that began in the 1960s. People believed they were causing someone else a lot of pain in order to follow directions given by a “scientist”. The person being “shocked” would scream and beg to be let out but the scientist told the “teacher” to continue. Most people questioned the safety of the other person but very few people actually stopped. Psychologist predicted around half the people would stop before the experiment was over; they were wrong, very few people actually stopped ahead of time. I thought the results were shocking; however, it makes me curious about the participant’s motives. If they were being paid to complete the experiment or getting a grade for completing it; it…show more content…
However, if the experiment was accurate it is interesting people are willing to cause pain simply because someone else told them to. The 78 year old hit on street In this video you see a man get hit by a car and no one helps him. Not even the person in the car stops or checks to make sure he is okay. Everyone just merely glimpses over at him and keeps walking. The man continues to lay there not moving but people still show no sign of concern. This video was interesting to me because not even the person who hit the man seemed at all concerned. Everyone on the street kept going like it was just a regular day. No one was even concerned enough to glance in the man’s direction. Towards the end of the video it seemed as if he was finally Hayden McCormick getting some attention; however it was shocking how casual the attention seemed. It surprises me just how cruel humanity can seem when you see some parts of it. The Bystander Effect The Bystander Effect video shows how people on the street react to different kinds of people laying on the ground. The first was a “drunken” man, no one helped; the second was a woman

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