'Your Flip-Flops Can Kill You'

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When I read the title of a newspaper article, I automatically assume that whatever is stated in the title is what the newspaper article is going to be about; however, that is not always the case. Surprisingly, there are more newspaper articles with misleading titles then I thought; they either give false information or they do not give all the details about the subject that they are trying to get across. Some newspapers articles exaggerate their title to make the newspaper article seem that it can be relatable to more people than it actually is. These articles use outside sources, statistics, and facts to back up their thesis of their newspaper article, yet the headlines of these articles are misleading. People who might read the headline of these articles might assume that it is intended for them, but after they finish reading the article they find out that it does not relate to them at all. In “Your Flip-Flops Can Kill You”, by Leah Chernikoff and Jacob E. Osterhout…show more content…
Leah Chernikoff and Jacob E. Osterhout use Dennis Kinney as an outside source within their article. He was the main leader of the EMS team, and he started the study of testing flip-flops for bacteria. His plan for the study was to show people the dangers of all of the bacteria that they were carrying at the bottom of their flip-flops. As Dennis Kinney states, “It can make you pretty sick if it got into a wound and into your blood, where it could attack any of your internal organs. If you didn't treat it with antibiotics, you could die from it.” (Chernikoff & Osterhou, 2009, para. 5).This newspaper article applies to people needs, because people are extremely sensitive about their health. Therefore, when a newspaper like this one comes out it scares them. People believe that flip-flops are safe and convenient, but in reality there is a slim chance that you can die from wearing

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