The Greek Philosophy: Man Vs. Hedonism

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INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE HUMAN PERSON Man vs. Hedonism: The Quest of Selfish Angelika F. Young 12-Drucker I. Introduction Philosophy, study the history of human thought. And it requires great ideas to understand all the life big questions. This paper aimed to know, how man become selfish, because of Hedonism. This philosophical theme will let us understand more what hedonism is. And in this paper, I shall be identifying which is higher in Hedonism the Pleasure or the pain. The hedonism, according to the Greek Philosophy is that pleasure is the important pursuit of a human person and the only good thing for all persons. In Greek Philosophy, they believe that the pleasure is good for everyone's life, while the pain that the individual experience was only an evil to everyone's life. And it also aims was to maximize the pleasure and reduce the pain that we have experienced. Also, Hedonism considered as philosophy on life, because it makes way to enlightenment in life to create a happiness in life, and to other, it may be a mischance or misfortune. Hedonism also considered as a crime or sin to any religious person, because it is immoral to God to have a self-happiness. But according to Non-Philosopher Hedonism is rather selfish, because it depends on the person if what makes him/ her happy. In this paper, it will show how hedonism…show more content…
The best example in this theory was about the Money, on what we can use or buy with this money, in line with this, the money as very valuable to all of us, because through this we can buy anything food, shelter, clothes and more, that bring pleasure to us or it help to avoid pain. But money can be not valuable to all of us if no one will ever sell anything with the use of the

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