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Ever since humanity has seen its first light, inequality has been immanent within individuals and societies. It ranged from giving more food to healthier and younger people than older peaple in farming societies to dispersion of income between rich and poor in modern day society. In our current capitalistic society, the most crucial component that experiences major inequality is of income distribution. Anthony Barnes Atkinson, the author of “Inequality: What Can Be Done?” explores the forms of inequality and proposes flux of methods to better the situation in our current world. Atkinson first starts his cerebration by differenciating between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. Equality of outcome is more important than equality of opportunity, as Atkinson argues with an example of a running race. Equality of opportunity is putting everyone on the same starting line. Equality of outcome focuses on the results of the race, and quite possibly on what happened as well; people will about what happened after the whistle blew. I believe that this is why there are welfares and such for whom those failed in our current society.…show more content…
These factors coincide to affect the future generation as the goods gained from inequal results will be passed down, causing inequal opportunity for future generations with inequal dispersion of wealth and goods. These factors are basis of Atkinson’s argument why should there be an improvement of inequality - specifically of change in income

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